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Safaris with kids – Family safari holidays

It’s really important to heed advice for families on safari, as safaris with kids will inevitably lead to a whole lot of situations that you might not necessarily be naturally prepared for.

Going on a safari with kids is a life-changing experience. The landscape is an enormous outdoor classroom – and safari guides will be some of the most inspiring teachers your children ever have. Africa is not a zoo, of course – so spending time following prints and identifying poo will while away the time between sightings!

At Endless Safaris, we can make sure that your kids get to join the family on the adventure of a lifetime. With experienced child minders, safaris for little ones, kid-friendly activities such as ‘cubs clubs’, junior ranger training, and butterfly/fish/insect catch-and-release – there’s plenty to keep tykes entertained while their folks enjoy some down time.

Children aged eight and up will gain the most from a trip – journeys can be long, and morning game drives chilly. Bush walks may be limited to those over 12 or 14 – so do check with your operator. Kenya and South Africa are our top choices, especially for younger families – with an abundance of superb guides and tailored lodges with swimming pools and games rooms.

“Older kids should experience camping. In a lodge, you only experience the park during the activities. You do a game drive, then go back indoors. But when you camp, you’re in that natural environment 24/7. You experience the sounds, the smells, the noises at night – it’s much more intense ”


Some lodges offer special “bush school” programmes for children. Guides are experienced in working with kids, and will show them how to recognize the spoor – tracks and droppings – as well as plants and small creatures. It’s fun, very hands-on – and totally safe. Plus it gives parents the chance to enjoy their own game drives.”



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