“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

An African safari is one of the most valuable investments that you can make. It is a physical journey that gathers spiritual and emotional wealth. At its completion, you are left with a brimming cache of wonderful memories. It is the ‘portfolio of your life’ that we are measuring.

A journey to Africa increases its real value by immense leaps and bounds. Africa, the cradle of civilization, entices all of your senses with the greatest treasures this planet has to offer. Watch the sleek leopard hunt its prey from the trees, hear the rumble across the savanna of the Great Migration, taste the sweet bouquet of South African wine off the vine; Smell the fresh rains as you trek across the mountain forests, feel the mists from the ‘Smoke That Thunders’.

For the last 17 years I have had the good fortune to guide travelers on their own ‘journeys of a lifetime’. Along with my experienced colleagues, we take great pleasure in increasing our client’s life portfolios by ensuring that they return from Africa with a wealth of memories and personalized experiences. When we take stock of our lives, it is the journeys we have taken along the way that really count. My team of safari experts are here to help you make those dreams, future memories, and adventures into the unknown, a great and glorious reality. Take a look at us today.

Elly Gathungu, Endless Safaris Founder

Who We Are.

Endless Safaris is a leading tour operator that offers all-inclusive travel service across eastern Africa and beyond. We strive to showcase Africa’s natural beauty, wildlife resources and cultural diversity while creating life-enriching experiences and unforgettable memories for our clients.
Our well experienced guides possess an immense knowledge of Africa’s lands, wildlife and culture to create your seamless dream vacation. Our partnerships with some of East and southern Africa’s finest hotels, luxury camps and lodges allows us to create itineraries offering a surreal blend of adventure and luxury with a personal twist.

Why Travel with Us?

From your imagination to reality

We are fiercely proud of Africa’s natural beauty, wildlife resources and cultural diversity and are dedicated to helping you have a memorable experience in Africa’s tropical paradise that never ceases to delight and intrigue.

Why travel with us - We’ve been where you want to go!!

Endless Safaris has some of Africa’s top guides to share their intimate knowledge and the secret hideaways of their native land, its wildlife and amazing people who still follow old age traditions. Our years of Safari experience allows us to create your seamless dream vacation.